About me

I am an Italian artist born in Vicenza living in England. I moved to London in 2006 where due to space constrains, I relished my creativity on my laptop exploring different media such as Graphic Design and Web Design and Illustration.

I have now moved to Brighton. This part of England inspires me and influences my painting with the colours of the landscape. I mainly use oils because I love the translucence, sheen and thickness of the quality of the paint and it’s ability to be adjusted if I need a change it until it has dried.  I work in different ways, sometime I apply colours straight from the tube, other times creating thin layers with brushes or knife palettes.  I like playing with shapes and colours.

People use music, write or dance. I use paint as a medium to express what I treasure.  Every time I paint I pull things from different places of my mind, channelling them into a painting with the connections made between the eyes, mind and hands. I am inspired by painters such as Terry Frost, Roger Hilton, Peter Lanyton, William de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.